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About Us

Building a house - even if it's not your first one - is a challenging experience. The Sawtooth Valley and it's unique location turn it into an even bigger one.

Choosing a builder that knows how to handle this complex, dynamic process in a difficult environment is the first choice that a customer has to make.

Two of the things that set us apart is the way we start and manage the construction of a house. We do our best to clear the snow from the building lot as early as possible. End of March beginning of April is ideal. That will allow the ground to thaw and excavation and concrete work can begin early. 

Managing the job in such a way will translate into savings later on since the framing/roofing phase won't get pushed into winter as it happens with most of the buildings that are being built in this Valley. 


One other critical aspect of cost efficiency is scheduling all the subcontractors and ordering materials in such a way that the project keeps moving forward constantly and there are no delays in the process. 

It is not uncommon in this area to see relatively small projects take multiple years to complete just because of the lack of planning but that sure isn't part of our goal.

Of course there are many other things out there but we would be happy to tell you more about the construction process over a face to face conversation.

George Nedelea and the crew are not only focused on finishing a project efficiently, but establishing relationships that have us doing repeat work for our clients. 

Sawtooth Contracting LLC is a year-round, full service General Contractor, specializing in custom homes.

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